Louise Braithwaite


Other than the challenge of being unable to do our usual work, could being a musician make it easier to cope with certain aspects of lockdown?

For many of us, it’s not unusual (Tom Jones) to….

Spend a lot of time in our own company.

Structure ‘non-working’ days and practice time.

Self-manage anxiety, mood, uncertainty.

Consider things from multiple perspectives.

Put our own need (to express ourself) behind that of others.

Appreciate that learning an instrument, and some aspects of life, are a long game.

Have stubbornness and grit- seeing it through to the end, even when it’s difficult.

Be adaptable and creative in dealing with challenges.

Live differently to the mainstream much of the time.

Be out of step with the norm.

Know that everyone is shut away separately doing their own thing, preparing for a common aim when the performance time eventually arrives.

Understand social exclusion- especially if you’re a beginner oboe player….