Louise Braithwaite

Music for Health & Wellbeing

There's an increasing recognition of the benefits of music to people's sense of wellbeing, especially when they are in need of healthcare. 

I provide live acoustic music for people in long-stay hospital and rehabilitation settings, intermediate (post-acute) care, and palliative care. The presentation style is informal, sensitive, friendly and engaging. The music itself is performed at the highest professional standard.

Please see my separate page for information on Music for Dementia. 

In long-stay settings, patients tell me that the music brightens their day, provides a welcome distraction from clinical treatment, and gives them something to chat about with others long after the session ends.

Music prompts all sorts of reminiscence about time, place, work and relationships, and I select each piece of music on the basis of response and comment to the previous ones. This means that the session is led by the clients and responds immediately to them, unlike a CD, television or radio 'on in the background'.

Music promotes movement, alertness and communication. Clinical and care staff comment that patients are more inclined to undertake their recommended sedentary exercise, be more mobile, and show improved posture when music, social interaction and humour are present in the session. They tell me that these effects last beyond the end of the session itself. 

My relaxed, informal approach is responsive to my clients' musical preferences and sensitive to their current situation. I have a sizeable playlist of music from the 1900's onward across all popular genres from music hall to musicals, to chart toppers, theatre and cinema. Classical pieces are also available for anyone who enjoys this style. 

Music for Health & Wellbeing clients have included Patient Experience Enhancement to Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust Charity, visiting Birmingham Dental Hospital, Sutton Coldfield Cottage Hospital, Good Hope Hospital, Perry Trees and Anne Marie Howes intermediate care centres, West Heath Hospital (rehabilitation, dementia friendly and palliative care wards), Moseley Hall Hospital (complex care and brain injury rehabilitation wards), and a residential centre for adults with profound disabilities.